acceptable Use Policy

Effective as of August 16th, 2020

This acceptable use policy explains the terms between you and us under which you may access our website It covers all access to the site by users of, and visitors to, our site. Our acceptable use policy must be read together with our Terms and Conditions and forms part of those Terms and Conditions. The aim of this policy is to ensure that services offered by https://ThePlantRiot.come are used safely, lawfully, and equitably.

Users of and visitors to are prohibited from submitting any content that

Contain attacks against any individual or group

Contain offensive, hateful, or discriminatory content of any kind

Contain profanity or crude language


comment policy

Users may interact with by commenting on posts. All comments are subject to pre-approval before being posted on our site. Additionally, Steenpow Collective, LLC reserve the right to restrict comments that
.Are unrelated to the post being commented on
.Do not contribute constructively to the conversation (note: constructive feedback is welcome)
.Share false information
.Share copyrighted content (including but not restricted to images and text)
.Promote a personal or unrelated business, including links to unrelated URLs
All such comments will be deleted as part of our comment pre-approval process.

Additionaly, you (the user) are responsible for all comments and other content that you submit to, as laid out in our Terms and Conditions. You (user) agree to indemnify Steenpow Collective, LLC for any and all liabilities arising from your use of our site, as descibred in our Terms and Conditions.