Coffee Chat | December 2020

Hello friends! Happy December! 

The past 12 months have made me appreciate how lucky I am. When I started The Plant Riot five years ago I knew I wanted to share my love of yummy vegan food with the world, but I had no idea just how awesome the response would be. Everyone has been so positive and supportive, and I mean it when I say that we wouldn’t be where we are today without y’all.  It’s been a real privilege getting to know you. Thank you for the likes, the shares, the messages, and the comments. Thank you for making me a better cook and for letting me share this journey with you all. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for keeping us going! You’re the best.

Low-key Thanksgiving

In previous years when Andrew and I have hosted, we have spent literally ALL DAY in the kitchen, prepping, cooking, cleaning up, etc. Cooking our whole meal took us around two hours of VERY laid back kitchen-time! 

Since there’s only two of us (three counting Cesar) we tried not to overdo it, but safe to say we had a feast. There was:

Followed by a big slice of Pumpkin Pie and THE BEST almond milk whipped cream. 

We even made a little version of the veggies without oil or salt for Cesar so he could eat with us. 

The leftovers fed us for five days, and even though it was delicious I was ALMOST relieved when we finished them!

Thanksgiving entertainment came in the form of a Friends marathon, which featured every Thanksgiving episode ever (there’s 10 if you’re wondering!).

I don’t drink, so while Andrew had a couple of beers I experimented with non-alcoholic cocktail making. I like treating myself to something fun during the holidays, but the options can be limited when you don’t drink. Recently I discovered a brand called Seedlip, which makes super-yummy non-alcoholic spirits that taste amazing in mixed drinks. I combined the Seeplip Garden 108 with ice, cranberry, and lime juice, and felt very festive sipping while Thanksgiving dinner cooked!

I’m Blue (da ba dee)

Has anyone else been getting urges to change their hair during lockdown? 

Last week, after a particularly hectic day, I decided I was bored of being blonde. I’ve always been experimental with hair (it’s been blonde, brunette, red, pink, purple, etc) so when I found a bright blue shade by Splat Hair Color I couldn’t resist. I finally found time to do the job on Friday night and enjoyed a bit of pampering time as I slathered the dye onto my hair. But as I rinsed it off I noticed that the bathtub was also turning blue! By the time all the dye was out the entire tub was bright blue. 

I spent the next two hours scrubbing and sobbing, pretty convinced that I was going to have to call our leasing agent and confess I’d wrecked the bathroom. LUCKILY the bleach and elbow grease worked, and at 3 am it finally came clean. 

I absolutely adore the color change, but I’ve paid for it hard by turning everything I own/touch/walk past bright blue. More than a week later my nails still have a tinge.

Moral of the story: If you want to dye your hair blue then use an outside hose and prepare for a month of scrubbing!

Home Sweet Home

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since we arrived in San Diego! After years of winter in Chicago, I’m obsessed with how warm it is here. We’ve been making the most of the sunshine with walks on the beach when we can, and Caesar is loving the regular adventures!

The apartment is finally starting to feel like home, thanks to some Black Friday/Cyber Monday additions. We got a gorgeous set of couch pillows from Target, plus a bunch of pretty planters from Home Depot. We also found a beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, that was reduced because it had obviously been through a few scrapes. With a little TLC, she is looking much better and makes the living room feel like our own little sanctuary.

Top Secret Project

I’ve also been super busy working away behind the scenes working on a….. TOP SECRET PROJECT. 

I know, I know, what a tease. I promise I’ll reveal more details as soon as the powers that be give me the green light, but for now, all I can say is that this is going to be a big one (with lots of opportunities for y’all to get involved!). Keep a lookout for more announcements!

Thank you everyone for joining me for another coffee chat. It’s always a pleasure sharing a brew with you! If you want to read past coffee chats then you can find them linked below!

Until next time,
Rachel xo

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