Coffee Chat | November 2020

Hello friends, great to see you again! 😀✌️

After a fantastic response to my October Coffee Chat we’re back this month with more behind the scenes morsels from Plant Riot HQ. 

November has been a month of mixed emotions. We FINALLY moved into our new apartment, and after months of living out of suitcases we’re hoping this will be the last time we have to unpack for a while. I’m over the moon to be here, and even more so because we’re in one of my favorite cities in the world, San Diego. 

Since we picked up the keys two weeks ago all my focus has been on making the place feel like home. The coffee machine and Vitamix were of course my first priority, and I had them unpacked and in place before our bed was even out the pod!

Having a two-bed apartment is something of a novelty. We’ve lived in studios and 1 beds up until now, so the place feels HUGE (although it really isn’t!). The Plant Riot studio/office now lives in the second bedroom, which is an upgrade from the countertop desk I’ve been used to! 

But it’s the kitchen that’s really stolen the show. Now guys, when I tell you it’s been tricky cooking on the road, I mean it’s been EXHAUSTING. Balancing a chopping board on my lap while in the passenger seat of a moving car ain’t the best, and it’s hard to put into words how much I’ve missed having an oven. 

This is the first new kitchen I’ve ever had – everything is so shiny! There’s a ton of storage (essential for a food blogger), and A FULL SIZED STOVE. I’m so happy I could cry. Having space to spread out a little feels incredible, and I’m super inspired to get cracking on new recipes. 

Can’t wait to start filming cooking videos in this kitchen!

But I gotta be real with you guys. This month has been STRESSFUL. Between finding an apartment, packing and unpacking, plus election and Covid anxiety, I’ve found myself struggling to strike a happy balance. Burnout is real guys. 

Covid Scare

Everything came to a head last week, when Andrew’s boss called with bad news. Someone in his office had been diagnosed with Covid, meaning just two days into his new role, Andrew was being forced to put work on hold again. We both booked in for tests, and following a pretty unpleasant nostril probe, were thankfully found to be clear. The whole experience was a grim reminder of just how serious the pandemic is, but also how lucky we are to be in good health. 

Because stress aside, it feels good to have my feet on the ground and know I’m going to be in the same place for a while. Slowly but surely I’m getting my life together again and working on getting that content out for you all!

November Bright Spots

Looking forward, there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate this November. 

November 1st is officially World Vegan Day (check this week’s newsletter for a bunch of exclusive content to help you celebrate), kicking off a month-long global campaign to celebrate and champion the vegan lifestyle. You can find out more via the Vegan Society website

On a more personal level, this month is special because it marks six months since we adopted our lovely pup Cesar. When we found him he was living at a kill shelter in Arkansas, and we knew we wanted to take him home within seconds. It’s been the best few months with him, and he’s come so far. We’re so happy we’ve been able to give him a safe home and the love and attention he deserves. 

So on that note, I’m signing off. As ever, I love hearing your thoughts, comments, and questions, so please do post them down below. Let’s keep connecting through this unprecedented time. 

Until our next Coffee Chat,
Rachel xo

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  1. Hi sweetie, I loved reading this Coffee Chat and the review of your last month or so. And of course adopting Cesar. xoxo

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