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We have a article about this (link), but in summary:

Being vegan / veganism is an ethical stance that is centered around avoiding all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals. As a result of living our lives centered around avoiding the use of animals, vegans don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy or honey, and also don’t wear leather or shearling (or any other animal products), and avoid activities that uses animals for entertainment purposes, such as zoos and horse riding.

Plant-based is a way of eating that is centered around eating a predominately plants. Some people chose to eat 100% plant-based and others choose to eat some animal products. Also, as plant-based only refers to what you eat, plant-based eaters may still use animals in other parts of their likes, such as their clothing, skin care, and entertainment.

As a result of these differences, we try to avoid using the term ‘vegan diet’ as vegan/veganism isn’t a diet. We will use the terms vegan or 100% plant-based.

No, vegans do not eat honey or anything that comes from an animal. The honey industry is very cruel. We have many tasty sweeteners available, so there really is no need to consume honey. Our favorites are maple syrup, agave nectar and date syrup!

No, Rachel is a home-cook (taught by her mum!) who focuses on sharing 100% plant-based / vegan recipes with our community.

Not yet! Rachel, The Plant Riot Founder, would love to publish a cookbook in the future to help people eat more plants!

Send us a message to let us know the kind of cookbook you’d like to see from us!

The Plant Riot team our hardest to ensure that the recipes are accurate. However, ingredients and equipment vary across the world, so this may impact the outcome of the recipe. If you suspect an error in one of our recipes, please let me know.