Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix | Vegan Recipe

Homemade hot chocolate mix in mason jar with a wooden spoon

Check out this vegan recipe for our homemade hot chocolate mix! With a jar of it in the cupboard, you’re ready for warming, indulgent beverages all winter. 



Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix


To serve (serves 1):


Instructions to make: Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

  1. Put all the ingredients into the food processor and whiz it up until throughly mixed and powdered. It may take a few blasts to get the right texture (you want the sugar and cacao to be the same powdery texture).
  2. Scoop your homemade hot chocolate mix into a sealed container (we use a mason jar) and store in a cool dry place.


Instructions to make: Vegan Hot Chocolate



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