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Plant-based diet books are a fantastic way to level-up your nutrition game and learn the science behind this way of eating! The only problem? There’s just so many to choose from!

Here is twelve of our favorites to help you get started (included in alphabetical order)!

1. ‘Becoming Vegan’ by Brenda Davis, RD + Vesanto Melina, MS, RD

Best plant
based diet book for new vegans wanting to learn more about nutrition

Registered dietitians, Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, provide readers with a comprehensive guide to creating a balanced plant based diet. Explaining in detail how to develop a eating plan that provides sufficient vitamins and mineral needs, carbohydrates, protein and amino acid, fats and fatty acids.

Secondly, the handy guide covers topics like dealing with skeptical family members and managing eating disorders.

2. ‘The Blue Zones’ by Dan Buettner

Best plant-based diet book to learn about the healthiest people in the world

This best-selling book focuses on the habits of the world’s healthiest people, examining their nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness for clues about how to live longer.

Its author Dan Buettner has one of the most interesting resumes on the list. A National Geographic Fellow, explorer, educator, producer of an Emmy Award-winning documentary and holder of three Guinness records for endurance cycling, Mr Buettner knows a thing or two about healthy living!

‘The Blue Zones’ outlines how people living in Western countries could improve their health by switching to a plant-based diet. It is based on research conducted in parts of Japan, Italy,California, Costa Rica and Greece. The research findings were interesting, finding that the healthiest people ate a plant-based diet (rich in legumes), participated in regular exercise, don’t smoke, and are social and regularly spend time with family.

Also, check out The Blue Zones‘s accompanying cookbook The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100.

3. ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell, PhD + Thomas M. Campbell, MD

Best plant-based diet book to learn about the largest popular studying into health and nutrition

The China Study is the result of more than 20 years of research into the affect diet has on disease conducted by nutritional biochemist T. Colin Campbell, PhD of Cornell University in partnership with the University of Oxford and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine.

Ironically, co-author and nutritionist T. Colin Campbell, PhD was raised on a dairy farm, but started eating a whole food plant based diet following The China Study. He features on the Netflix documentary ‘Forks Over Knives‘, alongside fellow nutrition expert Dr Esselstyn who argues that eating animal products leads to chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Although The China Study is packed with figures and stats, the book’s message is simple: “There are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants. People who eat the most animal-based foods get the most chronic disease. People who eat the most plant-based foods are the healthiest.”

Also, check out The China Study‘s accompanying cookbook The China Study Cookbook: Revised and Expanded Edition with Over 175 Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes.

4. ‘Eat To Live’ by Joe Fuhrman, MD

Best plant-based diet book to level-up your plant-based nutrient game

Hailed as a miracle weight-loss plan by millions of readers, Joel Fuhrman, MD’s best-selling book is about far more than shifting pounds. The nutritionist and former figure skater champions a micronutrient-rich diet, which he says can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Written in the format of a 6 week food plan, this plant-based nutrition book replaces animal and dairy products with vegetables, fruit, wholegrain and beans and legumes. Eat To Live shows that ousting certain food types means readers can kick ‘toxic hunger’ once and for all, and gain health by eating a nutrient rich plant-based diet.

5. ‘How Not To Die’ by Michael Greger, MD with Gene Stone

Best plant-based diet book  for scientific factoids and easy to follow plan

This best-selling plant-based nutrition book explains how diet changes can help prevent premature death. Author and physician Michael Greger, MD gained notoriety for his popular Nutrition Facts website.

In How Not To Die, Dr Greger uses hard scientific evidence to question the role of prescription drugs in treating disease. He suggests a new option: the Daily Dozen. This simple to follow method involves adding twelve nutrient rich foods to you daily diet. This includes beans and legumes, a helping of berries and green vegetables.

Also, checkout How Not To Die‘s cookbook The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease.

6. ‘The Plant-Based Solution’ by Joel K. Kahn, MD

Best plant-based diet book for heart health

Leading cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD tackles a bunch of issues in this fantastic plant-based diet book. He talks about the unlikely benefits of following a 100% plant-based diet, including gut health, brain function, and increased sex drive. Also, he delves into the myths surrounding nutrition, and busts them according to decades of scientific experience.

The Plant-Based Solution includes a 21 day diet plan to help get you started. Check out his inspiring case studies for a preview of how plant-based living could change your life.

7. ‘Power Foods for the Brain’ by Neal D. Barnard, MD

Best plant-based diet for brain power

Don’t you just love a 3-point plan? If so, you should check out this easy to read plant-based nutrition book by clinical Neal D. Barnard, MD. President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Medicine and clinical researcher, Dr Barnard is an authority on treating disease with a plant-based diet.

In Dr Barnard’s Power Foods For the Brain, he explains how you can improve brain function by switching to a 100% plant-based diet, and outlines the best foods to protect your memory. In particular, Dr Barnard calls out dairy for its role in damaging your memory, and examines how caffeine and alcohol can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This fantastic book also provides a menu plan, recipes and time-saving cooking tips.

8. ‘Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease’ by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr, MD

Best plant-based diet book to learn about the best foods for your heart

Former President Bill Clinton credits cardiologist Dr Esselstyn as the man who converted him to eating a plant-based diet. After reading Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, we can’t blame him! The book focuses on how a 100% plant-based, oil-free diet can permanently undo the damage caused by heart disease, and features a number of case studies whose symptoms have disappeared since switching to Dr Esselstyn’s diet plan. It’s a compelling read, and essential reading for anyone wanting to learn how to prevent and reverse heart disease using a plant-based diet.

The cardiologist’s passion and knowledge have made him a go-to on the topic, and he appears alongside T. Colin Campbell. PhD on the Netflix documentary Forks Over Knives.

9. ‘Proteinaholic’ by Garth Davis, MD + Howard Jacobson, PhD

Best plant-based nutrition book that will change the way you think about protein

Acclaimed surgeon Garth Davis, MD pulls no punches in his book Proteinaholic exploring humans obsession with protein. Drawing from his experience of treating bariatric patients, Dr Davis turns popular beliefs about animal-based protein upside down, and argues that eating too much animal based protein actually can lead to weight gain, fatigue and sickness.

10. ‘The Starch Solution’ by John A. McDougall, MD + Mary McDougall

Best plant-based nutrition book for people that love carbs

If you believe starch is the enemy, then this book by husband and wife team John A. McDougall, MD and Mary McDougall will provide you with another perspective.

The McDougall’s have created an eating plan which relies on starchy carbs to keep you fuller for longer without animal products. This best-selling book aims to break down the stigma about the food group, and argues that a diet rich in starch will give you more energy, protect you from common illnesses and help you shed excess weight.

Checkout The McDougall’s cookbook The Healthiest Diet on the Planet: Why the Foods You Love-Pizza, Pancakes, Potatoes, Pasta, and More-Are the Solution to Preventing Disease and Looking and Feeling Your Best for lots of tasty plant-based recipes.

11. ‘The Trifecta Of Health’ by  Angie Sadeghi, MD + Dan Holtz with Matt Bennett

Best plant-based nutrition book with a holistic approach to health

Leading gastroenterologist Dr. Angie Sadeghi and health expert Dan Holtz argue the case for eating a 100% plant-based diet book, aimed at improving readers’ overall quality of life. The discusses health as a holistic approach discussing the need for exercise and hormone rebalancing as a way to turn back the clock and live a healthier life.

12. ‘Whole’ by T. Colin Campbell, PhD + Howard Jacobson, PhD

Best plant-based diet book that will change the way you eat

T Colin Campbell, PhD’s follow up to The China Study, examines the way the world is – or rather, isn’t – responding to pro-plant based diet science. In it, he asks why society is still eating meat, despite the evidence that it is doing us more harm than good.

As you would expect from Dr Campbell, the science here is sharp, and will change the way you look at apples forever.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of our favorite plant-based diet books and found some new nutrition books to read and learn more about this way of eating. Have you read some of these books already? Is your favorite plant-based diet book not one the list? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

While you’re reading one of these books or waiting for your order to arrive, here are some tasty places recipes for you to try:

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