Rachel Steenland

Founder | The Plant Riot

Rachel is the Founder + Creative Director of The Plant Riot. She created this platform in 2015 to pursue her interest in food and photography. Over time her focus expanded to include her passion for living a vegan lifestyle.

Recognized food photographer, recipe developer + social media influencer

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I grew up on the beautiful beaches of  Queensland, Australia. When I reached my late teens, I caught the travel bug and decided to see the world! Over the next couple of years, I visited Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Of course, I took tons of travel photos along the way!

Upon returning, I met my husband, Andrew. We’ve had a blast together ever since, building our careers and traveling the world. Over the past 19 years, we have lived in Brisbane, Melbourne, San Francisco, and now we live near Boston. Along the way, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with majors in Management and Human Resources. I work every day using this knowledge to turn my passion into a career.

Of course, life isn’t always about adventure and great food, and I’ve had my share of health struggles. At 14, I was diagnosed with Lupus and was very sick for three years. Luckily, I’ve been in remission for a long time! I’ve also battled chronic depression, pre-diabetes, an eating disorder resulting in the decision to undergo a gastric bypass, and even MRSA. Even so, I’m thankful none of this was life-threatening, and I think I’m stronger as a result.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become more focused on what I eat. It always felt weird to eat animals, even though I did this for most of my life. Like many people, I flipped between the “standard American”, vegetarian, and plant-based diets for years. Finally, I transitioned to eating a 100% plant-based diet and haven’t looked back! It makes me so happy that I don’t need to consume animal products or exploit animals to live a healthy, happy life.

I love experimenting and adapting recipes to suit my needs and to fit my busy lifestyle. As a result, the recipes you’ll find on The Plant Riot are all vegan, tasty, and easy.

Let’s Riot!

Rachel x